I need some programming done on an affiliate network.

Here is the info I have:

Yes, we can update your system in real-time with a "ping". How it works
is that our system can "ping" a URL on your system and tell your system
that a conversion (lead) has been made on an offer in your publisher account.
We can identify which exact transaction it is to your server by sending
various GET variables to your system. For example, if you wanted to
track user completions from your network, you would append the userID
from your network (an email address for example) to the "var1" field of
the tracking links that you pull from our network. When somebody clicks
through on that link and converts the offer, our system would ping back
this var1 field, along with the offer name and payout (if you'd like),
to your system.

Let me know if anyone has the skills and knowledge to do this. I am using the leadhound script.