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    Adwords Icon Next to Ads Now

    If you're not already aware, some merchants who advertise with Adwords, and use Google's new shopping system, will be allowed a green icon next to the URL in their Adwords ad.

    I just noticed it today while doing some research, and I have to say I'm not too thrilled. The first page of results I did, showed the usual listings, but one merchant had an icon next to their ad - it immediately drew my attention to it...kind of an unfair advantage, at least in my opinion.

    Just thought I'd share
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    It all seems to be getting more complicated as the players battle for position.

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    Interestingly, they seem to be using the display URL to determine if the merchant gets the icon - we are seeing it for our affiliate ads (where the merchant is using Google's new system), which means we are getting the advantage without doing anything

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    What really annoys me is the fact that my domain name takes a back seat to sites that are not even relievent to that search word. You would think that searching that key word I would be first in all SO'S

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