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    Lightbulb Can affiliates get "Custom Coupon Codes" if they request them?
    I don't feel too good about generic coupon codes that all affiliates use.

    Can I get custom coupon offers and custom coupon codes for my affiliate site?

    This way when someone enters a coupon code from one affiliate site, the AM would know who the referer is in addition to the cookies.

    Cookies can be overriden by another referer, custom coupon codes cant be overriden, not even by parasiteware or spyware.

    The disadvantage is that this will be too much work for AMs as they would have to track coupon codes per affiliate.

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    It can be done, depending on the merchant's back end system.

    Some companies are able to create custom codes.

    Companies that I know can provide custom code: - rich hart (he is somewhere on this forum) - brandon at

    have fun

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    Do all of them do that or just some?
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    jsut some.

    cos some back end systems are not capable of handling custom coupon codes.

    then it would also be the painful part of reporting, again, some can do it while some cannot.

    A good pointer is go look up companies like ebates or xYZ and if they have custom coupon codes, then more than likely they can make it for you.

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    Custom Coupons for tracking affiliate sales
    We are a bit picky about giving away exclusive coupons. It has to be earned for going the extra mile for our phone card affiliate program. We have looked into building custom landing pages and coupon codes on our site for larger affiliates that want to direct traffic through offline direct marketing.

    However, i've heard of affiliate websites that will steal other websites exclusive coupons to help boost sales on there site. Some of the larger rebate and coupon sites will ask that the coupon code be in there url name, so that they can better track who may be stealing there coupon code.

    Any other experiences out there?
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    As far as I know, exclusive coupons get posted on different websites too.

    At my previous job, I used to offer like $10 off $50 or something like that.

    Within 2 days, we are getting orders from other non related sites.

    It gets out fast if it is an attractive offer.

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    If you send a merchant business, they're creat a custom code for you

    But you'll need to follow up (in 90 days or so) to make sure the coupon is still active

    Sometimes merchants "forget" and remove the code without telling you

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