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    To me or to them? Question.
    Hi, thanks for reading.

    I'm debating where to redirect my visitors to the merchant site. I'm using datafeeds, and am breaking down the pages to clear product categories with lists of available products.

    My question is, what next? With the datafeeds, I can construct product pages for each product on my site, or I could simply direct my visitors to the merchants product page, which has the same information.

    As I see it, the advantage of going straight to the merchant site is that it's one click closer to the deal. The advantage for me to make my own pages is for 1. Search engine food, and 2. It makes everything seem more complete, that the visitor isn't suddenly flying out to some other site he/she didn't expect.

    So, what do you do? Advice greatly appreciated.

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    i think its nice to use the datafeed to have a nice product catalog on your site. It makes it look more classy. Also the part where a shopper has one click less saves time as well as if the link goes to the product ordering page and the merchant doesnt have any specific branding it would look like its part of your site as well.......

    hope that helped ! peace n love!
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    It depends on the stickness level of your site.

    Handing them off does get them closer to buying, but you also lose them from your site. If you're adding lots of value at your site, likely better to hang onto them a tad longer. If you're on the slimmer side (hard to admit, but give it some serious thought) of value, get them to the merchant as fast as possible.

    The above is my general opinion, but my specific suggestion is to test it both ways and see which works best for you.

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    I've been thinking this problem through lately, because I'm a bit stuck here too. I think, and this is just my opinion, that building datafeed sites could be of much more value in the long run (depending on how many pages you can churn out), rather than simple redirect pages.

    In my current project, it's a difference of a one page site, or 5000+ indexable pages. I'm thinking the latter might prove more beneficial and profitable in the long run, even though the user has to click a couple more times - simply b/c of volume that the SE's might provide later down the road.

    I'm leaving out many other variables that I'm sure are important here, but I wonder if this thought process is correct..?
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    Thanks for the responses!

    Well, the value of the site is usually pre-purchase, in the form of buying guides and tutorials. Once they get to the product page, the've probably gone through the other stuff, or they found the site because of the product page.

    The best would indeed be to somehow link directly to the shopping cart, so they don't see the same page with different colors and logos again (ie the merchant's product page). Anyone know how to do this with a datafeed?

    Alternatively, I was thinking to give visitors a choice. One link to the product page on my site, and a "click to go directly to merchant" sort of thing.

    Thoughts? Anyone with experiences to learn from?

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    I don't do this yet so this is just an idea: don't individual product pages make good PPC targets?

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