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    SameDayMusic Datafeed columns
    Hi. I'm learning the ropes on this, and would like to know what the custom columns (custom4, custom5) represent in the feed. The rest seem to follow the SAS format, but these two, which have either "0" or a low integer, aren't clear to me.


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    Hi Hazlcha,
    I'm happy to explain the custom fields in the SameDayMusic data feed. Custom4 represents our product popularity flag, and Custom5 represents our ground shipping cost data.

    Custom4: product popularity flag (1,0)
    - Any sku flagged with a 1 in this field is among our top 10% most popular selling products.
    - This can help you merchandise your site: you can sort product listings by popularity, ensuring your visitors see the most relevant products

    Custom5: ground shipping cost (dollar amount)
    - This data is pretty self explanatory
    - You'll see plenty of zero's here, as SameDayMusic pays for most every ground shipping fee

    Any other questions? I'm always happy to chat. IM me at GearAffiliate (aol im), email me at, or give me a call at 312.276.0180 xt 21. Until then, have a nice weekend!

    -Mike Payne-
    Affiliate Manager
    AIM: GearAffiliate
    312.276.0180 xt 21

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    Thank you Mike, I guessed partly right and partly wrong. You're answer was very helpful, and as I begin integrating your products into my site this week, I hope, I'll probably be in touch.


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