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    Ads Question
    I have a Jokes site that gets a fair amount of traffic. I currently have Google ads but am wondering if there are any other things I could put on the site that would generate some $$$.

    Any thought or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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    If your going for humor, you could probably find a lot of "funny" slogan shirts at Cafe Press, or some other t-shirt vendors.

    just a thought.

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    Do you know anything about your traffic/current audience? How old are they, are they male or female, what country or part of the country are they in...?

    What about the audience you hope to attract? What other kinds of sites do they visit online?

    You may want to run an informal survey on your site and see what kind of info you can gather about your audience that way.

    Answering those types of questions might help point you in the right direction.

    I'd imagine that perhaps a greeting cards program might work for you - and I like the funny t-shirt idea... or what about a nifty gadget/gifts/toys kind of merchant?

    Think about what your site audience might be interested in and brainstorm from there.


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    per action
    You might want to try a "per action" affiliate program instead of a "per sale" program. People on a jokes site might not be in a buying mood, but they might fill out a survey, request information, or take some other action that could generate revenue.

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    If you have very good traffic, some pay per thousand impression programs may be the easiest way to make money.

    1000 - $0.5
    10,000 - $5
    100,000 - $50
    1000,000 - $500

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    Funny t-shirt sales would probably be a great fit. Sheri had a good suggestion.

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