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    CJ and Datamining
    I have seen a ton of forum posts and articles on the web which propose that CJ's major intent with the LMI / Javascript thing is to get into the datamining biz, and that this would be bad for or unfair to CJ's affiliates and merchants. Being a n00b on the technical intricacies of JS and Internet marketing, can someone point me to a good thread or web URL with a thorough explanation of how this would all be possible with JS and why it hurts us? In limited searching I couldn't find anything detailed; just a massive amount of annoyance and distrust.

    N.B.: It's not that I don't believe all the LMI detractors on here; I agree that it is hugely disruptive and just plain unnecessary. I've read Jangro's and others' observations on the havoc JS links are already causing. CJ should leave JS links as an option (that few people will bother switching to, probably) and not take away plain HTML links that have worked well since the start. I just want to know exactly what CJ could do with this information, how it undermines us, and how JS allows them to do that. Thanks!

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    Helpful to know that most all clickstream analytics programs require a java script tag on website pages to work. Web bugs, contextual advertising and BHO Spyware/Adware rely upon javascript too. So java script is the simpilest way to data mine sellable information.
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    It appears that some affiliates want this, they think it's just conspiracy talk. I guess they figure they'll just make more $$. They're not looking at the big picture or don't care too. They probably aren't concerned with "net neutrality" either. They won't see it till it effects their own numbers.

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