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    Question basic CJ DataFeed Question
    hello everyone, some basic question about cj datafeed:

    lets assume that i paid the setup fee for CJ and i have datafeed that contains info from 10 merchents:

    1. is the SKU is unique? (is it possible that same SKU exist in different merchents?)
    2. is the category names are the same names between the merchents?
    3. is there a parent-child relation in the feed? how does it looks like? (catA->cat B.. or somthing else)
    4. can one prudct can belongs to several categories? how does this looks like in the feed?


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    I think your hopes are a little too high. The SKU won't be unique across merchants, but they should be unique within a merchant. This is a general rule across all networks and datafeeds.

    Category names are never the same between merchants. It usually takes a complicated mapping system to organize products from multiple datafeeds into a uniform category structure. This is still a major challenge to most affiliate marketers and a well implemented solution can make a huge difference for customer retention.

    Categories are usually either broken into various fields or a single field. You might find Catlevel1, Catlevel2, and Catlevel3 as separate fields or you might find a field called Categories that has a value like "Women's Shoes > Casual > Slippers".

    Usually one product is in one category. There are only a couple datafeeds anywhere that I know of that use multiple categories per product. This just isn't common.

    - Scott
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    Thumbs up category situation
    Thanks Scott this is very important information for me, because i'm in the design phase of my web application, and i i stucked in this category situation, and i wondered if i'm missing somthing, but now i see that the category subject is a problem among all other affiliates. i think that it worth a thread : how affiliates deal with the categories problem.


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    With feeds, there's nothing that's consistent.

    SKUs will not be unique between merchants, but usually are for a single merchant. Most merchants have unique SKUs in their feeds, but not all. Overstock has multiple records with the same SKU when there are variations (like color choices, sizes, etc.). Some magazine merchants have multiple records with the same SKU for different subscription lengths. There are probably others, but those are the ones that come to mind.

    Categories are about the biggest thing that varies. Many list just a single category level. Some list multiple levels like "Electronics>TVs>Flat Panel" but the separator varies from merchant to merchant and some use separate fields. There's no consistency in the categories (or even have the hierarchies are specified) from merchant to merchant. A few put products in multiple categories, but how that's done varies from merchant to merchant as well.

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