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    Hi all, I just recieved a email from a company, they are a competitor of one of my merchants at cj. Basically they asked me if they could join the same program as the other company, for the other company I have about 100 or so different product pages. Should I tell them to join cj or another third party or should I just charge them per click of traffic I send them, I am not at all sure how I am going to approach this and will welcome suggestions.

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    I think CJ will pay you if you recomend them to this company check it out. Why not try to do a private deal with them, if you sell quite a bit for the existing company ask for a bigger percentage if you do not sell much charge per click for your traffic

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    Yeah I am thinking more on the lines of a private deal. As for the other company I send them about $5000 in sales per month, who knows how much in 1-800 phone calls. This is the reason I am leaning towards per hit as I can do all the tracking on my side, as for scripts, does anyone know of a good cgi script that will track hits and associated ips?

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