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    Performance by Advertiser Report Wrong
    Is anyone else seeing wrong data for the Performance by Advertiser Report for a specific website? If I choose this report for a specific website, the Performance by Advertiser report shows me merchants data for merchants on other websites in our account.

    At first I thought maybe I copied the code wrong between two sites, but then I checked a website that is very new and I'm seeing totally unrelated merchants appearing in the report, ie. pet website is showing data from a jewlery merchant and I know jewelry ads are not displayed on the pet website. Anyone else?

    I was planning to attend the CJU event in September, but I'm wondering if my money would be better spent attending a Linkshare or SAS conference. Does SAS have a conference, btw? I'm on the east coast so the flight alone at this late booking date could be expensive for us.

    Also, does CJ not communicate with their merchants/affiliates when they have maintenance going on that might cause flukes in their data like this? Seems it would ease everyone's mind unless they really have some major issues and don't want anyone to know.

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    CJ only comunicates with affiliates AFTER the fact.

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    I have noticed odd stats today too, very inconsistent (while site stats are normal for a weekend). I only have one site, hopefully it will be corrected, or my CJ merchants have become VERY unpopular with readers...

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