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    Domain Auctions - Which One??
    I have a few domain names that I bought years ago because I thought I'd get around to developing them someday.

    I just haven't had time though and now I'm thinking about putting them up for auction.

    I've looked at several of the domain auctions (sedo, godaddy, great domains, etc) but can't decide which one to go with.

    Anyone have any experience with any of the domain auctions?

    Would it be worth it to have my domains appraised?



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    You can put it here. Its free and more effective. I have domains on sale at Godaddy but none sold.

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    My experience as a domainer is:

    I don't know much about auctioning,

    Now if you want to sell your domain, then You can list at Afternic and Sedo (free).

    But to sell the domain, if its valuable at this time, then you need to be proactive in either domainer forums like DNforum or Namepros (free).

    But maybe the most lucrative aftermarket selling can be found in emailling prospects to sell your domain name if yours is better than their business etc.

    It's not easy to sell a domain name unless it is really attractive, the industry is still just growing, but in time a good domain name like a good real estate location can grow many times more valuable with time. It all depends on the name I guess.

    Please feel free to contact me any time about anything, regards.

    -M. Alvarez
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    RE: appraising, I would suggest you avoid most of the appraisal services out there. They're just in it for the money; they take about one minute to evaluate domain names and don't consider the many factors needed to work out their value.

    I must have about 50 variables I go through in my head when I work out the value of a domain

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    Which domain auction site is best to list your domains at depends on whether you are looking for a quick sale at wholesale level prices or a (usually) much slower sale at end user pricing.

    Sedo and GreatDomains are visited by more end users and the resulting price is liable to be higher but your domain names could sit there for months/years before a sale comes through.

    Afternic, GoDaddy type auctions are liable to result in quicker sale but lower price. There are numerous domain name forums that you might want to check out like and

    It is unlikely that obtaining an appraisal of a domain name will make any difference to sale price. Domain name value is very subjective and appraisals can vary by thousands of dollars. If you decide that you want to list your domains on EBay an appraisal might make some sense in the hope that you can sell to a naive buyer. - wholesale sources and resources

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    Yes, they are good site to do auctions, but before quoting your price please get your domain value from any good appraisal site like [link removed] . so that you can get best price..
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