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    Which of Google Adwords/Yahoo Search Marketing/Microsoft Adcenter allow you to send visitors direct to the merchants site and which insist on a landing page with your own url?



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    Google, you will have to have your own landing page as they will allow only one company/domain per kw. If you cannot be the highest bidder, sorry you have to have ur domain..

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    Are you suggesting there are no restrictions on sending direct to merchant on Yahoo Search and Microsoft Adcenter?

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    If you are thinking of doing this, remember that it is a short term solution for revenue generation. Many people used this technique to make money (led by the eBook Google Cash), but many people were left in the cold when Google made their policy change.

    It works as long as the bid amounts and conversion rates are profitable, but you are not building any long term value. Instead of spending your time doing this type of day trading, spend your time building a quality site that returns long term value for your daily efforts.

    You will also find that you can increase the conversion rates if you successfully do some pre-selling on your site or page before presenting the affiliate link.

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    If you do this and it is against the program policies for that merchant you will certainly be removed from their program.

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    I don't mind you doing this for any of my programs (as many other merchants won't; just read the policies carefully as Chuck advised). In fact, power affiliates (PPC affiliates) that drive traffic to my merchants through PPC campaigns only are among my top affiliates.


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    There are several reasons for it, but you might as well skip Yahoo on this.

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