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    keyword usage in Google Analytics
    Wasn't sure where to ask this and not sure there's an answer to it either. lol I've done all of my reciprocal linking on my own but know there is software and sites that will do it for you. If you're using Google Analytics is there any way to know if there is a real person typing in a keyword and searching that is a result showing up in your statistics under the keywords.

    Since I don't know how the software or the sites that do the reciprocal linking work I'm curious. I'm always getting reciprocal link requests and have a feeling that a lot of the keywords or keyword phrases that are showing up in the reports instead of actually being real people searching to shop may just be people searching for reciprocal link partners.

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    There won't be keywords for true referrals. You'll want to look under Marketing Optimization/Visitor Segment Performance/Referring Source
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    I'm sorry I know I should probably know what it means but not sure what you mean by true referrals. I've read so much in the last few weeks I'm sure it's stuck somewhere back in my brain with the rest of the stuff but at the moment can't think of what it is. lol I'll try to see if I can find the definition somewhere.
    Yeap that's what I've been doing and then under the referring source I've been clicking under the red arrow the analysis options and clicking keywords. Those keywords are the ones I'm referring to. Are they actually the words people are typing in to do searches or people just looking for reciprocal links using software or sits that do it for them.

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