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    Google implemented a new Landing Page Quality upgrade to adwords I guess over night, and it seems as though every keyword I have that generates a click now is requiring 5 or 10 dollars for activation, as they all pretty much went inactive.

    That is absolutely rediculous! How can google possible know how relevant my page is and what works and doesnt work for me? Keep in mind these keywords had a CTR of over 10%, a click through to the merchant of between 10 and 10% and a conversion rate of 15 to 20%... So explain what justification they have for charing me 10 dollars a click because their machine says its not relevant?? My landing page is relevant, I know that for a fact. It is not optimzed for SEO, it is optimized for PPC... I think google is getting the two confused these days.

    Man if its not CJ its Google!

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    Wrong forum, already got a thread going:

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    Thanks Trust, I thought I was the only one getting upset over this for a minute...

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    Just wanted to bump this up for people who regularly look at the CJ forum on ABestWeb but don't get to visit some of the other threads.

    There's been a sweeping change with Google AdWords pay-per-click system over the past couple days and swarms of people are trying to figure out what's going on and why most of their keywords have gone "inactive". As TrustNo1 mentioned above, please go to this thread in the Google forum for more info:

    Let's hope Google quickly reverses their "landing page quality update" to address the vast damage they've so suddenly caused.

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    Thanks so much for pointing this out!

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