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    A Well-Deserved Compliment for PersonalizationMall
    A customer email me with "When will my stuff arrive?" and attached her original PersonalizationMall email confirmation

    The coupon code on her confirmation didn't match any we're given to use.

    So I asked the AM

    Seems when a customer "abandons the shopping cart" - changes their mind - PMall sends them a special email saying "We noticed you didn't complete the order process. Here's a cool coupon to help you along" (Yes, I paraphrased)

    AND... when these people re-change their minds and go back and place an order, WE still get the commission. Even though PMall closed the deal IMO.

    That's pretty cool of them.

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    They deserve a "job well done" on that one Great service for the consumer, the merchant and the affiliate.

    We have a process we use to drive reoders sales that is really helpful for affiliates also. When a customer places an Rx order, our system calculates the approximate refill date and then sends out a friendly reminder at refill time. The affiliate code is passed with it - so the affiliate gets credit for the reorders also.

    Though our follow up system is based on generating re-orders from our customer base, it's been a great customer retention tool that's resulted in a 55% + re-order history for our affiliates.

    I like the "bring em back" to the cart system you mention though - I'll have our techs look into that one to see what would be involved in adding that. Thanks for passing along the information.

    Continued Success
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    Thanks Billy. We're certainly far from perfect, but fair is fair. * You refer the sale within 45 return days and you get paid - period.

    * That's the fine print.

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