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    I noticed on Monday morning, 7/10, that the Entertainment Book banner on my site was advertising that all 2006 books are $7.99 plus $1 shipping through 7/15. I clicked on the banner and the landing page advertised this price but proceeding to the following screen listed the price as $12.99 and the screen that displayed the actual shipping cost said $4.99. Monday night, I posted to their affiliate forum on Yahoo! Groups asking that this be fixed. The forum is moderated by the Entertainment Book affiliate manager so the messages do not show up until he approves them. That didn't happen until late this afternoon. He responded that it had been fixed. It has not been fixed.

    There was also no advance notification of this promotion. An email wasn't sent to affiliates until Tuesday afternoon, 7/11.

    I would encourage all Entertainment Book affiliates to contact the affiliate manager and urge them to get this fixed and to extend the promotional period since it's almost over and never existed in the first place.

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    just curious: how did they convert for you as their season started? I stopped promoting them a long time ago.

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    We did very well with the Entertainment Book until the 2006 book came out almost a year ago. Since that time, they've taken a nosedive. I bought several books myself in separate transactions over a few months, none of which tracked. This was when they were still on BeFree. After they finally confirmed that they did not track, they gave me a settlement which didn't even come close to what I project were non-tracking sales.

    They've had the same affiliate manager for years but since the company was acquired by IAC, he's just not the same nor is the program.

    I do feel they pay a generous commission when they do track but I know I've lost a lot of money from their non-tracking sales.

    Now they are advertising a promotion that doesn't even exist and refuse to make good on it.

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