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    Two Newbie Questions
    Hello, I introduced myself on this site earlier. This stie is great! I have a somewhat generic question. The site I mad has a home page and links on the top and bottom to go to different electronics, or to see review pages, news, etc... It sounds a lot better than it really is. It totally looks amature to me (although I'm pretty impressed I did it, I still think it looks amature...) I used front page. Does anyone have any tips? on making it look more professional? Or, I know you're not supposed to type in any URLs, but if I give an email adress, can someone give me some example pages to look at of successful affiliate pages?

    Second, I think I've stumbled across some forums that were affiliate pages in discuise. It make sence since people normally return to forums... would this be a better type of layout for an affiliate site? If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it. THANKS!!! :-)

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    I'm replying to my own post cuz I just reread it after seeing 14 others have read it but didn't respond.... I am embarrassed at poorly it reads. My mind must have been somewhere else while I was writing as well! Sorry. Please excuse the misspelled words, the grammar, and punctuation. I'm a newbie, so be gentle.... ;-)

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    Welcome to ABW!

    Posrt the site in the review forum ->

    This way we can try to decipher your request
    Continued Success,

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose ~ Disraeli

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