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    Photographer Needs Your Opinion on Marketing Mailer!!!
    Hey -

    I'm a photographer (we only shoot on location - mostly in NY and TX). We are focusing on the small TX town where we are based. There are about 100,000 people here & the next town is over 80 miles away - to give you an idea.

    My business is about 8 months old - we have yellow pages, website, and do cross marketing with several wedding vendors in town. So far that has gotten us several weddings each month, but my ideal (by far - ever seen Bridezillas?) is infant and childrens portraiture. So, we are attempting to target that demographic (parents of infants and children).

    We decided to try an oversized postcard that will be mailed AND it will be displayed in a few upscale children's clothing stores on an easel. This oversized postcard is around 8" x 5.5" or so, with one of our images and a little info on front with the details on the back. There are 2 different versions so far - only one layout will be mailed.

    (The color on here will be darker than normal due to compression).

    Marketing Proof #1:

    Something about this bugs me. I think the focus should be and is on the baby. Do you think that is where it should be? I thought 'Yes' since the portrait is the product we are selling. But, what do I know???

    Marketing Proof# 2:

    I'm not sure what I think about this one... I thought our company name needed to be more prominent - so its at the top. (I'm stuck with this font currently since it is an attempt at name recognition and is on multiple products - which we seem to have). Suggestions?

    My plan (after getting the best layout possible on the card - info and asthetics) is to mail them to the correct demographic using my handwriting font on the back of the post card to make the postcards more personable. (I'm sure you seasoned marketing peeps are all laughing about this - so tell me if its worth it)

    Is there anything on the card that is a HUGE turnoff or something that this newbie missed? I got my phone number and web address... That info will be repeated again on the back of the card in the address line like a traditional postcard.

    Anyone have a preferance on layout? Responce rate is supposed to be between 1%-3% in my market. I'm open to comments before I go and spend a pile of money on this. I really don't want to do something stupid...


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    My opinion is #2....................The lay out is good. The picture is very good. But scratch or hide the New York. If you are focusing your busines in Abilene, then sell Abilene in Abilene. Sell New York in New York.

    Sell YOURSELF as an Abilene photographer with New York experience, not as a New York photographer doing business in Abilene. I know that New York only shows one time............but it is a focus point.............Sell LOCAL.
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    I live in Texas - I agree about taking NY off the add. lol, Get a Rope!!

    I think the blue is too dark. Make it a light blue instead.

    Put "if only they could stay little forever" at the top. That will grab their attention and will make them stop and look. (and think about how they need photos) Put the special price at the bottom - just flip it.

    With the price at the top, they might just do a quick tune out and pitch it in the garbage. You have to make them stop and think.

    Use the top layout.

    Good Luck!!

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    If find the text to the right hard to read, and the baby more than a little creepy... the coloring might catch someone's eye, but do parents really want such a processed image, or do they really want to catch the image of their child?

    I have no idea, all I know is if that kid came close to me and I had a wood stake...

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    I HATE black on blue text, unless extremely light blue (like this forum) ) . Might just be my eyes though..

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    Card 1, but lead the text with the punch save 75% (correct? or just use the 176) off our normal rate...sell the memory after that.

    try bold text due to the blue/black lack of contrast

    keep a margin around your 2 looses that at the bottom.

    Maybe add family portrait discounts as well in case they don't have a baby.

    you use 4 different fonts..never been a fan of multiple fonts on a page...try two fonts and if you have a logo use that instead of the handwritten font...heck if that is not your logo...maybe this is the time to create one ;-)

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    I like the look of number 1 more but....
    I also dont like the New York thing. It really wont impress them and how many Texas people want to deal with someone who spends time in both places.. I am not from Texas but somewhere in that area. Same mindset I think.

    The top line should not be your business name. It should be a benefit for the reader. Not a price unless you want to compete on that. (You dont...) MrbsHouse said the percentage off. That is pretty strong, but I might want to go with quality, ease of use, getting the whole family in the pictures, easier for the mothers...

    That picture is a little odd. Cute kid but it seems casual and too top down like you were standing and took the shot. I can practically tell the parent is standing next to him and just cropped out. Maybe you shoot photojournalism style but you can probably find a better picture. Look at other sites, or in magazines, books. Reshoot with this child if you need to for release reasons or something.

    I really dont think you need to say "Over for more information". On a postcared or brochure they will read every word if they are even somewhat interested in your message.

    Hope I wasnt too critical...

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