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    Question about Merchant Coupon Codes
    When a merchant offers a coupon code, what keeps my website visitors from using it without clicking through my affiliate link?

    Here's the problem....

    A page on my website is ranking pretty high for a specific company name. The link on my page happens to be a coupon code which Google has also nicely indexed in their search results. So therefore anyone searching on this specific keyword phrase gets the coupon code without clicking on my link in Google's search results. LOL ... Am I out of luck?

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    They should be built into the link really but its a bit difficult as some people may look for the code even though the links don't always need it. The codes are used by the merchant to promote as an exclusive deal to consumers so the consumer expects to enter that code somewhere along the line. However you get them to do that is up to you. Maybe you could use an image on a long term one!

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    Tell a white lie.

    "You must use this specially-encoded LINK to redeem this offer."
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