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    Front Page Forum Wizard has really confused me. It was easy until I hit finish, and now I don't really understand where to find the forum I made. I see it in the files, but not on the navagation screen... Does anyone know if there's an easier way to make a forum? Or is there anywhere I can download a template for one that's compatable with FP? I searched for one, and I looked for help on Microsoft's site too.... now I'm stuck... I don't know any html. so I'm somewhat limited.... Thanks!!!!

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    July 3rd, 2006
    I just tried IKONBOARD but I don't know html....

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    Not to sound rude, but I would suggest learning HTML. It's quite simple.

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    Actually, if you want a forum, such as ABWs (which uses you need to learn abit of html and php both. Not a lot because it's pretty simple.

    Though you will need a hosting site that supports it.

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    If you have a host with cpanel it's pretty easy to set up a phpbb board. All you have to do is name it and click on "install". You'll still need to dig through the files to customize it with your own site name, logo, etc. though.
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    I understand your problem as I use frontpage also. When you use frontpage with extensions you can only use frontpage to upload anything. If you were to set up a forum like phpbb it would break the extensions.

    This has also been driving me crazy (or crazier) My solution is to set up another domain and hosting just for the forum. Just link the forum to the main site with a html link. Hope that helps
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