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    Exclamation Will adding merchants who have complaints against them, spoil the reputation of...
    I was about to add a merchant to my affiliate site,

    then, I ran a quick check on them in google because the merchant's website looked a little suspecious to me.

    The search came up with one complaint, the complaint was not directly on this merchant but it was on a domain name that now points to this merchant's website

    is it ok to mention the merchant's name here and the complaint i'm talking about?

    I'm not able to decide whether to add this merchant or not.

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    Sure you can talk about merchants. But I think with any merchant out there, someone will have a complaint about them, some more than others. No merchant ever has a 100% approval rating.

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    True, no one has 100% approval rating.

    But, if it's a bogus or a scam store, then i'd be better off not adding them.

    The merchant i'm concerned about is

    The post here:

    is complaining about , which now points to

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    it may be possible bought out or took over the domain name and is now having it re-direct to their site. There are quite a few guys on here who are great with whois/history of websites and companies, so hopefully they pop in here and can give you a little help.
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    I don't promote merchants who I have had problems with as a customer. Or if I do a search on their name I see many results like 'so & so merchant sucks' or 'how do I get this s&*t off my computer!'

    Otherwise, buyer beware.

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