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    javascript pitfalls
    Theres an interesting article about using javascript to spam at


    Could there be a backlash against JS by SE's, browsers, spyware blockers, etc?

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    January 18th, 2005
    Angry tied to Yap Browser???
    Good read.

    Porter posted an adendum to the entry tieing searchmeup who bought Yapbrowser child porno pushers to the World Cup Spammers. The alexa rank just ticks me off!

    Just another reason to cancel LMI and javascript.

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    Now he issued a correction. looks like he crossed URLS.

    searchmeup and the topsearch10 were the mass spammers but not connected to YB porno pushers.

    The correction still doesn't paint a good light at all for Seems they were using fake ads from validclick as he confirmed from their CEO. comes up dead from here so at least one less scumbag.

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    Searchwebme doesn't come up dead on my computer. Perhaps there is somthing wrong with your internet connection.

    I looked on the site but I couldn't find the fake ads, all i got was ExactSeek.
    Anyway, the reason I joinned was to ask if anyone knows how to get rid of this bloddy searchmeup toolbar.

    Google isn't showing up anything!

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