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    Submit forms?
    At the moment I have all my site's email addresses set up as clickable links on my "Contact Us" page. I realize that this doesn't look all that professional, and the amount of spam I'm getting as a result is starting to get bothersome, so I'd like to switch to a submit form. What are my options as far as this goes?

    I tried using FormMail a couple of years ago for another site, but I never got it functioning. Unfortunately I never learned anything beyond HTML and CSS, so CGI (which I think is involved here?) is totally uncharted territory for me.

    Is my best bet to hire a programmer to do this for me? I would want the submission to involve answering a few questions (maybe with drop-down menus) as well as typing the message.

    Any and all advice/tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    I'm don't think I'd hire a programmer for that. You might have something as part of your hosting account that will let you do what you need. As I remember Front Page has functions for setting up forms, if you have that. It's actually not that difficult to do with HTML and PHP. You set your form up in HTML. That page can be pure HTML without any PHP or anything else. Set the "action" attribute of the form tag to the page that will process the form for example: "process.php". In process.php you just collect the form information passed to it and use the mail() function to email it to yourself. You should be able to find some tutorials with a web search for something like "PHP variable" or "PHP form" or something like that. The mail() function you can get info from the PHP manual online, but its basically mail("recipient email address", "Subject", "message body");
    But are you still master of your domain?

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    It's called "FormMail"

    Check with your ISP

    Even the cheapest host usually have free formmail

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    Check your PMs

    - Scott
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