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    Front Page & Metatags
    I didn't really know where to post this question. But I read up about meta tags, and keywords. Are the keywords just the things you put on a meta tag? And, I am using front page. They have a spot for "System variables (HTTP-EQUIV)" Is this where I put keywords. And there's a place to put the value as well. does this mean I count up the number of times that word is on a page and put that number there? If I've got this whole keyword, meta tag thing messed up, please let me know.... I have ZERO traffic, so I'm trying to get increase it.


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    metatags using MS FP
    I'm not allowed to post any of my sites here, but if you want, you can email me at
    I will send you the URL to a couple of the websites I built with Front Page. From there, you can view the source and see what I've done with various tags.
    Although there are a lot of opinoins about tags, I guess I lucked out and did something right, because I get indexed and start seeing traffic about a week after publishing my sites.
    As far as knowing what each tag does, I guess I spent about two weeks reading everything I could before deciding which ones to use and why. I'll include some of the sites I found useful in the return email.

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    It isnt meta tags that gets sites indexed and ranking, but they should be individually done for each page, if they are done.

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    I'm going to throw in my two cents here simply because I am very experienced using FP as I am sure many of you have. The way I have used FP is select and load the page your are working on in FP and then go to the top of your menu bar, select "format", from there you want to select "background" and here is where you will find the data sections for the title of the page and your keywords. Once you have selected "background", you will need to select the tab marked "general", I believe the program defaults you to "formatting", so select "general" from there.

    Hope this helps. You should see where you can type in all of your pages information from there.
    Mark (Satchel)
    Webmaster / Sales Manager

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