I'm see a disturbing number of affiliate enabled merchants violating their customers trust and privacy by imposing www.webloyalty.com into their checkout process. I see where the VP of marketing at Yahoo/Overture, having tired of 4+ years selling out to the BHO's, click-cheaters and affiliate scumbags through syndication partnerships now jumps to management of WebLoyalty.

The outrage of consumers being unwittingly Opt-In to having their complete personal privacy and Credit Card info passed to the Adwhore operation is all over various consumer outrage forums. Even the eBay powersellers get hoodwinked as the popular Marketworks storefront/listing tools sells off every customer info file pocketing a 0.50 to 2.00 fee. http://forums.ebay.com/db2/thread.js...=1152211478654

See how it works .... http://www.webloyalty.com/our-approa...alty-programs/
"Ecommerce sites who partner with Webloyalty.com earn an extra $.50 to $2.00 per transaction on their Web sites and generate a lift of up to 12 percent in repeat transactions. They do it by rewarding their customers for purchases with a package of benefits, provided and fulfilled by Webloyalty, that strengthen their brand and give their customers a reason to return to buy again.

The program is simple, effective, and creates benefits for both you and your customer.

Here's how it works: After completing a purchase on your site, each of your customers sees an offer from Webloyalty as a thank you for their order:
$10 off their next purchase at your site
Free access to a package of valuable discounts and services for 30 days.
Your customer enjoys the benefits for the full month or until they choose to cancel their enrollment. They can cancel at any time and even if they do they keep the $10 coupon and their incentive to return to your site.

After the free month, for as long as the customer wants to keep their benefit package the customer pays Webloyalty $10/month. That's how we make money. Should a customer ever choose to cancel, Webloyalty's industry-leading customer service practices make it easy no red tape, no questions asked. They simply email us, call our 800 number, or visit our web site.

I'm getting complaints from customers about hidden charges to their CC accounts having bought from TigerDirect and Computer Geeks .... and a ton of spam from hundreds of WL merchants ... also washing cookie.

Samples... Join some distinguished companySome of our clients:

American Greetings
EB Games.com
Lane Bryant Catalog
The Learning Company
United Online ... and hundreds more.

[b]Let's discuss the WebLoyality partnerships as it spreads to various shopping carts requiring merchants OPT-OUT, and is pushed on more network merchant programs by AM's pocketing the recruitment and pre-transaction privacy peddling fees.