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    I have had some success with optimizing for search with my sites and I actually get decent hits from search traffic (moreso from MSN than Google...), but I am going to venture into some PPC and had a few questions that are probably mundane to you experts but I am just getting my feet wet.
    I used to see google sponsor ads with the word "affiliate" in them, is that still required if you link directly to a merchant? And do you prefer to link to the merchants site or to your site, and do presell there? No need to give me all your secrets, just looking for a bit of guidance.


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    I recently read a post saying that including aff in the ad reduced the keyword cost, which suggests though not necessary it's a good idea. I've always put it in anyhow.

    Conversions tend to be higher with the direct route. It depends on the merchant. If they've got a good product but rotten copy, a landing page with a good description pays dividends. And of course if the merchant is advertising too, you can't go direct.

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    The "aff" is no longer a requirement. I doubt many consumers know what it means, and seems pretty harmless to have it there.

    Direct route or landing page? Depends on the product, and how much they are already pre-sold. All other things being equal, direct linking converts much much better - but seeing as only one ad for the direct link can show, your click costs might be much higher.
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    Thanks for the responses, already learning something!

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