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    Arrow Web Content Pollution
    Who contributes more?

    I was going to make this a POLL but decided against it.

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    Automated search pages that show very highly in search results like those from,, and otehr nameless search engines and directories.

    If I wanted those I would search those. Who doesnt know ebay etc....

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    Right now the ppc machine-generated sites are really cluttering things up. Unfortunately, the result of cleaning this crud off the web may also result in some collateral damage to those of us with pages that actually feature what people are searching for rather than an auto-created directory. Best to avoid what these people are doing (feeds to bring up new "related" content) to fill ppc-loaded pages.
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    don't forget that someone with a lot of domains parked can get the software from google to monetize those domains into what looks like scraper sites.

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    Web Content Pollution
    Web Content IS the pollution!
    Same with competing sites

    Being serious now, I think the top (dis)honors as to the "most polluting" are split between scraper sites and fake directories (including domain-park ones).

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    What's pollution in the Adsense content network (aside from the above mentioned) are ads that are well written and inviting, promising products, and on the site is nothing but a search box or a form to fill out.

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