<begin rant>

I remember getting an email a month or so ago from them stating how they were going to do away with the bogus "free offers" and offer higher quality offers....ha ha what a joke.

Have you seen their newest offerings from "TheFreeSite.com"?

Free Jelly Beans - they collect your visitors email, then send them off to Jelly Belly where of course unless your visitor is really lucky they receive this message:

"Sorry - We're not open now. You're too late for today's survey."

because.....this offers been around forever and your visitors certainly don't need to go through Thefreesite.com and give their emails out to be sold to get it!

Two other offers -- the bounty napkins and the rembrandt toothpaste is the same scam!

TheFreeSite has no special relationship to these products and these offers are always available! geesh....

Fineclicks links are off my site forever! Loser offers that only reflect badly on those of us who offer them to our visitors.

<rant over>