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    Talking How to optimize your pages for MSN
    TITLE: [item name] at [site name]
    DESCRIPTION: [item name] for sale online.
    META KEYWORDS: [item name],[brand name]
    H1: [item name]
    PARAGRAPH: [brand name] [item name] for sale online.
    CONTENT: non-spiderable dynamic javascript display
    PARAGRAPH: More [brand name] products available online at [merchant link].

    Have fun.
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    Actually I don't know what that all means Is that some tactic you are using to rank top in MSN.

    Search engines more or less are all the same. They won't the best results for their customers who are searching. To get top in MSN, use SEO white hat techniques.

    Offpage optimization ... more of the latter.

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    affiliate marketing optimization
    affiliate marketing optimization tips.

    Thanks for the msn tips. I usually check in on my affilaites that rank for "pingo coupon codes". Its interesting to see who ranks.

    I've noticed that msn rankings are more about who has updated there site most recently for online optimization and for offline, people have said msn and yahoo are about quantity links vs google being quality links.

    well thats my 2 cents, keep on winning your rankings affiliates!
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    There's been a big algo change recently, so double-check the latest results.

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