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    Advice on Site Overhaul, please?
    I have a domain that I consider very valuable. Two syllables. Easy to remember, Easy to pronounce in several languages. Difficult to misspell, all those cool attributes.

    I'm not sure if it's the latest google actions or what, but it went from pr5 to pr0. Searching "links:" on google shows nothing. But my logs still show visitors coming from the 25 or so shopping directories where it is listed.

    Unfortunately, the products on the site are in a narrow niche, low priced, and don't make a lot of money. The directory listings are in the niche categories.

    I am considering a complete new site under the domain name with a completely new product inventory of higher priced, and hopefully, higher roi merchandise. The name is not specific to any type of product or business. I like the domain name, and I like the traffic.

    If I overhaul it and change the content and products, how much will it offend the visitors coming in expecting what they saw in the referring directories? Should I make the change in one fell swoop, or gradually modify it to morph it over to another theme and merchant list?

    Thanks for your advice.

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    Can't you also submit changes to the directories?

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    Why dont you just get new a new url for your new ideas.

    Sounds like Google is whacking this one pretty hard. It might take a while for it to come back. Also why dont you determine why it went from 5 to 0. Are you doing black hat SEO on that website?

    I wouldnt want to start with a PR0 just because it had some directory links that you could replicate in a few months with a new url and get a good PR. Also asking directories to change information is hit or miss. Sometimes they do it, sometimes not. Sometimes takes many emails and months.

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    Thanks for the replies.
    The only directory I ever submitted to was DMOZ. I don't know how the links got into the other directories. Maybe some of them are getting it from DMOZ. It's just that I see them in my logs. I never worried about tracking them down to understand their submission process. I was just happy with the process of getting listed and receiving the traffic. I was proud to tell people that my site ranked high in the serps and got lots of traffic. I get clicks, and a respectable conversion rate of 4 to 5 percent. But the total income is lousy.

    As far as getting a new url, simple two syllable .com domains are pretty difficult to get these days. I registered two new ones yesterday, but they are kind of product related. The one I'm asking about is generic without any direct connection to a product type.

    I am not doing any kind of sneaky SEO tricks on the site. Search traffic comes in from search terms that are in the text content of the site. I have seen disusssions about google making some rather drastic changes recently that penalize aff sites. I can only assume that my site is affected by this new approach. In fact, that's the reason I checked my page rank yesterday.

    I could go all out with new promotions and try to get the traffic up several notches to provide better income. But I think a different product line would be easier.

    Considering the fact that even though the traffic is nice and the conversion rate is acceptable, but the total income is low, I've decided to use the domain for a different product line and a new set of merchants.

    This was my very first site I put up about ten years ago. I was all giddy to see my site in the serps. Now that I have learned a few things about this business, I understand that my ego doesn't add to my bank account.

    Thanks once again. I wouldn't be successful without this forum and its erudite group of experts.

    I've never completely changed the theme and content of a site before, so I don't know what to expect. I'll report on the effects when I can.

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