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    Transaction Inquiries
    I'm trying to get caught up on all of my email and junk since being gotten at AS last week. I found an FTD order that I had not gotten credit for and filed a transaction inquiry like I usually do with other companies.

    The strange this is that instantaneously when I submitted it, it kicked back that it has been resolved and the transaction did not come from my account. do they know if they did not even look into it? Aren't they basically just saying that there is no reason to file a transaction inquiry because whatever is in the system is in the sytem? Normally, I would not care too much. But it is a $200 bouquet. If the person didn't click through my site, then fine. But if they say that they did and the transaction inquiry doesn't even go to a real person, is there any other way to dispute it? I've never seen this happen before.

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    896 I haven't quite figured out how to edit my own posts on this thing yet!

    But I did get an update. After tracking through email addresses, phone numbers, and an employee who doesn't work there anymore, I made contact with a person! She said that, indeed, I should have gotten credit and she does not know why I did not. I happened to notice that I had 20,000 page impressions for them for June and not a single click (bizarre even for my low sales sites). It looks like the clicks may not be tracking correctly, triggering something to fail to credit me in the system even when I make the sales. Weird. Will let you know if we sort it out somehow. Methinks I am having the same problem with etoys.
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    For the Flower issue - if you have an order # with the transaction, just email the merchant and tell them that is it not tracking right. That enables them to look into the issue also.

    You might want to check your side to see if your code was tracking right previously or if you made any changes to your site. Cos if you did not make any change, then it would be more than likely that they are dropping it through a big crack.

    Email so other affiliates and ask them if they have the same problems with those merchants. Ahhh.. try asking Michael Coley as I know that he will help you. nice dude.

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    Hey there if you still have a problem My sales track and we sell flowers, but its on SAS
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