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    Mr. GoldenCan
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    May 30th, 2005
    Transparent Language is now available at GoldenCAN
    We are very excited to announce that Transparent Language CJ is now available at GoldenCAN.

    You can display Transparent Language's entire Data Feed, any selected category, Coupons, Recent Price Drop Products or Search on your website with only one line of GoldenCAN Code.

    Integration Samples:
    Transparent Language Store Integration Sample
    Transparent Language Coupon Integration Sample
    Transparent Language Search Integration Sample

    Transparent Language's GetData:
    Use GoldenCAN GetData feature to get the complete pre formatted HTML for Transparent Language’s store integration and display on your website with SEO benefits.

    Transparent Language's GetRSS:
    Use GoldenCAN GetRSS feature to receive a valid RSS document with Transparent Language’s Coupons and recent Price Drop products.

    If you have already created a store, coupon or search integration for multiple merchants, dont forget to add Transparent Language in your existing Integration.

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    Affiliate Manager Heidi Sturrock's Avatar
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    November 18th, 2005
    The Granite State
    Thank you Asif!
    We are so excited to be part of the GoldenCAN family, and look forward to our affiliates using this tool to increase their success in our program!

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