Sometimes I really hate April 1st, and love it at the same time...For those of you who are familiar with BClick (one of the good few CPC companies around), they have been working on a new CPC search engine called Octafind....Here is the press release I got today:


Farmingdale, NY - April 1, 2002 - New pay-per-click search
engine OctaFind has today announced an all stock deal to
acquire Overture (NYSE: OVER), formerly, Inc. The
deal comes on the heels of a string of consolidations in the
pay-per-click industry.

Although terms of the deal were undisclosed, OctaFind
employees notoriously can't keep their mouths shut, so
there's really little reason not to disclose the terms.
Therefore, OctaFind has decided to disclose all terms.
OctaFind will issue one share of OctaFind stock for three
shares of Overture stock. This puts the value of the merger
at $58,000,000/$1,000,000.

When asked about the deal, OctaFind's president Bob Gibbons
said, "I thought it would be a really great strategic fit
with OctaFind's long term strategic goals if we were to
strategize and strategically manage to acquire such a
strategically positioned company." Overture's CEO, Walter
Mondale, had no comment.

Both companies will now operate under a single name,
Octature. (NYSE: WERUL)

For more information, visit OctaFind's web site and click
'Investor Relations'.

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