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    Buying Software Vs. Hiring Designer
    Hey Guys,

    I'm going to need to redesign my site to be more professional looking (microsoft publisher isn't cutting it). Right now I could either spend about 400 dollars hiring a designer to put up a template for me with dreamweaver and photoshop and putting my content in so it looks good.

    On the other hand, I could just use my student discount and buy dreamweaver and photoshop for 515, as well as:

    "Flash® Professional 8, Fireworks® 8, Contribute™ 3, and FlashPaper™ 2 software. Illustrator® CS2, InDesign® CS2, GoLive® CS2, and Acrobat® 7.0 Professional software with Version Cue® CS2, Adobe Bridge, and Adobe Stock Photos." Included in a bundle.

    Now I admit I have little experience in web design and dont' know what most of those programs do, let alone how to use them. In the long run, would I be better off hiring a designer to do all that for me, or spending a little more initially on the software and learning it to develop it myself, using the templates which I can find on my own? Is this software that hard to learn? Thanks.


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    What are your goals?

    If you'd like to make money immediately then hire a designer.

    If you'd like the process to be more hands-on and you would like to learn how to use the software, perhaps you could pay the designer to make a few pieces of key graphics so that you would have the flexibility to learn: this way your site could grow with you

    The software takes a while to learn but learning how to use the software will provide pleasure and enjoyment in the long run.

    If you can take advantage of a student discount on software, then go for it!
    See if there are web design and graphic classes available.
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    I think it really comes down to your artistic abilities. If you're a good artist I suggest learning to design on your own. If not, you're probably better off either hiring a designer, buying a template or even downloading a free template. There are plenty of very well done templates available for free, but it's dependant on the software you choose. For example if you choose to use Wordpress you need a wordpress template just as you need a Mambo template for Mambo.

    Good luck!
    - Scott
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    i would personally hire.

    1) more professional.
    2) maximize/saves your time. Spend time on what you do best >> Marketing and making $$

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    U wish U knew
    snib is on the money on this one!
    If you are artistic and have the time, do it yourself. If your time is better spent doing something else, or you aren't an artist, then hire someone.
    For me, I have a lot of the software, but even if I had the time, I can't make a site look good, so I hire someone who can.

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    I would buy and customize

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    I saw that this guy is advertising on ABW via a banner
    he might be able to work for you at a good price if you tell him that ur from ABW

    maybe i am leaning towards hiring cos i can design a site but i know somebody can do it better than me at 1/2 of the time it would take me..

    i know that there are a lot of site designers off shore, mainly india cos my friend started a jewelry store with their semi-custom design and a custom logo

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