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    This was just posted in my CJ e-mail box. How can this get there if SearchCactus is a competitor network using CJ to cherrypick their affiliates...


    We would like to tell you a little about the SearchCactus Publisher Network. This network is similar to CJ. It''s simple, just sign up and select offers you would like to add to your web site and start getting PAID! These offers and links are served and tracked by SearchCactus. Publishers will have access to online reporting and the ability to track individual users.

    We have many exclusive offers that you won''t find anywhere else. Plus, once you get approved for the Network you are approved for all the offers. You can even incentivize and offer rewards on all our publisher offers.

    Let SearchCactus help increase your bottom line by joining our publisher program Now!

    So, sign up and start making serious CASH with the SearchCactus publisher program:

    Best Regards,
    Publisher Team

    Wow these wanks not only run a spam farm -rewards program -PPC SE -banner servers and netowrk CPA program ..they get CJ to sponsor them as a merchant. New low for CJ as I thought someone broke into CJ's e-mail system and spammed their list.

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    Sounds like *CJ* got the shaft with this mailing!

    I can just imagine the hollering that will be going on in a certain office in Santa Barbara when they find out that their mail system was used to announce the launch of the "SearchCactus Publisher Network" that's "very similar to CJ"...

    The fact that SearchCactus would do such a backstab maneuver says a lot about their "new network!"

    I checked out the site--it looks like the CPA part is brand new. Other than the PPC, I'd say you're right--it seems to be a typical spamorama site.

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    I cannot access my CJ mail. Have sent in problem
    but no response.


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    Why is it that I think announcements like that are a cover for scumware?

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