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    Questions about the new Java links
    Can someone explain me what are the real advantages and disadvantages of the new links?
    Should I start implementing them instead of the regular ones? also is there a way to easily change them with a simple search and replace tool? or would I have to go through each link manually?

    I've noticed some problems, please correct me if I'm wrong:

    1.I see that there is no way to see the links on dreamweaver when building the page, If i want to see how my page would look like, I must preview the page in explorer?

    2. the ad text is part of the script, so it would not be catched by SE spiders, is that right? this is not good is it? If i've a wrote a text of my own as the link for the merchant, should I change the link text in the CJ screen to something else, maybe to "click here" and that's it, and then paste it after my own text, then it would be catched by SE's?

    3. if i want to change the ad text, am i allowed to do this? can i do it only through and only while getting the link? is there a way to change it in dreamweaver afterwards?

    I have several websites, all carry the old links (in the simplistic way there is, without special codes like cgi / asp etc.) none of them perform well on google for over a year and a half, they used to do ok - I guess it's because of algo change in google - can the new links solve it so google would not identify the sites as affiliate?
    same question goes for adwords, it started requesting rediculous amounts per click for almost all of my keywords - could it also be because I carry affiliate links, and could implementing the new links help this problem?

    English is not my mother tongue so it was kind of hard for me to really understand the true meaning of the changes that CJ announced... therefore I'd be happy for someone to explain me about this issue and how could it effect my performence in general, considering what I've mentioned above...

    Thank you!

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    go here
    and read any of the dozens of threads about this that have already asked and answered these questions about the new links
    I'm not sure about dreamweaver but you probably will have to preview the page in IE to see what it will look like.
    The program we use won't let us preview javascript in it's browser pane. We have to open IE or Opera to see what we are working on

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