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    Putting on the Pounds
    I need about 20, anyone have ideas on a healthy way to gain weight?

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    Just increase your caloric intake of healthy foods.

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    Liposuction off 20 from me and transplant 'em

    Seriously though, I'd say to read some bodybuilder sites (even though you're probably not into being a bodybuilder). Bodybuilders have all kinds of ways to put on a few pounds, and to make sure those pounds are muscle instead of fat. Adapt their suggestions to suit your desired result. Don't worry about ending up looking like some overpumped muscle machine--from what I recall it takes years of work to end up with those big Atlas physiques.

    Edit: And, what Trust said makes sense, too. If you want to weigh more, you have to eat more. But if you eat more while sitting at a desk it'll probably still just turn to fat on you, which you may not want (depending on where it ends up).

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    Hi Webworker,

    20 pounds is quite a bit to put

    Leader is right about the bodybuilding sites, however it does depend on what your purpose is and the weight you want to gain.

    Muscle weighs more than fat, and training and eating right will help you develop more muscle and change your shape as well.

    You will see also, if you are training more your appetite will increase, and if you are training properly, the food will be your fuel and feed your muscles, so you won't get pudgy on the love handles. Healthy protein and Whey shakes will help as well.

    Don't worry about bulging up, this takes years and takes a little help...

    Training regularly will keep you tone and possibly get you cut in ways that make you look great

    Hope this helps.

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    I gotta ask...why 20? Are you dangerously underweight?
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    are you looking to gain just WEIGHT, or are we talking muscle mass? There are doctor-supervised programs that you can get on which should help... though I'm the complete opposite (wish I had your problem... maybe...) so I'm the last one to give advice HERE.

    Having said that, my partner in crime (and hubby) is tall and lean. He is forever talking about gaining weight and has talked a lot about Creatine supplements/powder for doing so though I don't know how healthy it is nor whether it makes any difference if you're not working out. I know whey protein is another way to help you build lean MASS.

    A diet rich in carbs should help as well so long as you're careful because too many carbs can lead to other issues -just like too much of anything. So again, I revert to my original advice - consult a doc for the best plan for YOU.

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