A client of ours has a portfolio of 653 .co.uk domain names for sale. They are prime one word domain names.

The portfolio includes domains such as commits.co.uk, stomachache.co.uk, subscribes.co.uk, breastimplant.co.uk, climaxed.co.uk, depositing.co.uk, detags.co.uk, escrowed.co.uk, holed.co.uk, listprices.co.uk, noting.co.uk, observes.co.uk, plotted.co.uk, ps7.co.uk, reruns.co.uk, retains.co.uk, striving.co.uk

They are looking to sell the portfolio of 653 domains together. May be willing to consider offers for specific domains, but would ideally like to sell the domain names as a package.

The UK is the most dynamic and prosperous economy in Europe. As Wednesday's report demonstrates, the UK is Europe's biggest market for online shopping spend and one word .co.uk's such as these are prime online real estate. On Friday, the Sedo newsletter said there was a "booming secondary market" in .co.uk domain names and provided evidence for them increasing in value.

Don't miss this golden opportunity! Write to domains AT azam.biz (switching the AT to an @ obviously) or ring +44 20 7436 4496 / +44 7944 963 963 anytime, 7 days a week, should you require a list of all the domains or wish to discuss the portfolio.

Thank you.