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    Talking Help! No Clue What To Give For Ad Pricing! Suggestions? TY
    Hi, I was contacted the other day by the Ad Campaign Manager for Court TV. Here's what they said:

    "Hello - I am currently working with Court TV on an ad campaign and would love any information you can send me about advertising with Please send a media kit via email or FedEx - my deadline to receive this information is Tuesday and I would love to consider your site for this project. Looking forward to hearing from you - thanks!"

    I've never been contacted like this before and really have no idea how to price advertising on my site.

    I'm willing to display standard banner ads including one on the home page, text linking within relevent content and think that a video type format (possibly a commercial for Court TV relating to issues on my own site) would be most effective.

    Please review my site at (<-Not affiliate link) and advise on prices to offer the Ad Campaign Manager. I really need a starting point or some kind of price reference as I have absolutely no clue about what kind of price would be acceptable.

    Thank you in advance for any help!

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    First thing, every website should have 2 things. A One-Sheeter and a Rate card which are standard on all sites when doing advertising.

    A One-Sheeter is a comprehensive breakdown of your site’s demographics, traffic, geographic and typical user details. These can be gained by simple tracking codes to using Dynamic logic and JupiderMedia. But the more info you have about your users and your site the more enticing your One-Sheeter will be and there fore the cost on the Rate card will reflect that.

    A rate card is a cheat sheet that tells of all the variables for ad type cost. This is usually excluding ad serving which is added as a service fee. You must understand how your site works and the types of ads you can run. This is determined by either an ad server or just by manual ad placement.

    I have taken the liberty of adding a few links to digital Rate Cards and One-Sheeter. i have a cool rate which I helped build for a very large site in the States so email me if you want to take a look at it. And no it is not Expedia. =)~

    As for costs, a good rule of thumb is to Check with the and the as rate checks. You can also check with Ad serving companies like Doubleclick, 24/7 realmedia for rate quotes or general information about adservers, email tools and search.

    I am an expert in this area so let me know if you have any questions


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