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    Dear Friends,

    Is there anything wrong in CJ? Are they running behind answering the tickets? My query to them is unresolved till date. Its been 8 days sitting there simply unresolved. Do i want to do anything on this or should i have to wait for some more weeks? They have mentioned that they will answer within 72 hrs. Most of the time, particularly between 15-27th they wont answer queirs. I am seeing this in the past three months continuously. Whats wrong with them? Please reply your experiences. Thanks in advance.


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    Welcome to the world of CJ.
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    They got particularly slow after trying to implement forced java links. A huge number of protests from affiliates. I can only hope things get back to normal, but we're all wondering if they'll ever get things together. I'm pretty certain everyone is still getting paid.....seems kind'a slow though.
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    I submitted a problem ticket regarding the email on July 9. Still unresolved.

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