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    Newbie search for an answer..
    Hallo everybody!

    As stated new here in and new to Shareasale i'm unable (ore just blind from looking to long) to find some answer to my following problem.

    As my website now is just one month old and im going to promote it with as less as possible money i let it also run on so called -autosurf- programs,. well i know that almost no one looking this things for real, but I just take it as a no cost, free promotion.

    As im going to improve the main page of my site i was thinking to but one ore two merchants on it. The big Q just is..

    Is it allowed to use -autosurf- programs ??

    I cannot really find any rule for this on shareasale (only for PPC i found)
    also cannot find in merchants rules...

    So if someone got any idea pls. let me know before i get in troubles.

    Thanks a lot


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    It's a waste of time, that's reason enough to focus elsewhere. If you put all that time into developing a site, do something real to promote it. If you lack a medium or large budget, do cheaper things. Think about where people interested in what you have to offer might be and spend your time trying to figure out how to reach them somehow. There are many ways, but the autosurf crapola isn't one of them.

    Even if there are no rules against it, many merchants won't appreciate the extremely low ratio (zero) of sales / visitors that an autosurf will yield - you'll hurt their EPC rankings by piling junk visits (and I use the term loosely - autosurf hardly qualifies as a visit when it comes to selling or prospecting). So many will boot you for being a autosurfing EPC turd, mathematically speaking.

    When I first started, I spent $1 a day and bid $0.10 a click on google... now I am a full-time affiliate. Use your brain and focus on finding ways to start smart - methods that will get you somewhere. Good luck.

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    ShareASale President/CEO and ABW Veteran Brian - ShareASale's Avatar
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    Placing merchant creative, or loading a ShareASale url (which redirects to a merchant) in an autosurf program is not allowed at ShareASale.

    You are welcome to market your own website any way you wish obviously... but I would agree with Donuts, not recommended.

    Reminds me of a movie trivia questions...anyone name the movie?

    "Would you launch an ICBM horizontally?"
    "Sure, but why would you want to?"

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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    Well thank's !!

    That's exactly what i thought also.
    Just want to make shure about "before" placing something in there.


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