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    Wheeeee!!!!!! I'm flying!!!
    Wel I said to myself 3 weeks ago I need a newer pc,so went shopping.
    Had my heart set on a new desktop with all the bells and whistles but the smooth talking salesman sold me a toshiba laptop, 3.3ghz 2 gig of ram and my favorite shade of blue to boot plus it was on sale, half price, open box return, got a 3 year warranty thrown in for free, was feeling pretty smug cuz I got a damn good deal.
    So I get it home and start playing around the next day and loading in all my progams and start getting used to it.. Ok this touchpad stuff is for the birds so of course had a mouse attached to it right away.. then I got it configured just the way I like it.. Then came the fun part, dragging it all round the house for the first week, kinda cool, new toy, and it's real portable, I'm loving it.
    Then it dawned on me that all I'd been doing on it was playing no work was getting done, started to feel real guilty. Then I had a bright idea, I got 1 week left I can take it back, get a refund and get my desktop I originally wanted.
    So the next morning I woke up, and find myself actually wanting to get some work done, so as our heat wave started, grabbed the laptop and downstairs to the air conditioned living room I went, and suprised at how fast this thing is with my programs all open.
    Of course I'm loving it now..
    Then it hit me, I have a battery in this thing, grabbed a lounger, and sitting under a shady tree in my back yard working away, feeling real smug and beating the heat..
    Now I'm wondering how I ever lived without it and the desktop just sits there and is being used for a spare machine.
    I used to think desktop equals work, now I work wherever I am most comfy in the house, the lazyboy is my fave place..
    I am now hooked on laptops..
    How about you, laptop or desktop and why?

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    i have a Gaming Laptop, a.k.a Desktop Replacement.

    I just like to have a laptop or an external hard disk, so that I can carry the data and programs anywhere I want at any time.

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    Lol, several of both, always seems like one is down or being used. I mostly use a laptop these days since I am always on call if our servers go down. When Im not on my laptop, I've got my phone, which may family calls my mini-laptop....

    I'm not a work-a-holic or anything ....

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