Hi all,

For about a year now, I've been letting friends, family, and colleagues know about bargains and great steals online and they love me for it. It recently dawned on me that it may be a good idea to start my own weblog to host these online deals and profit from them instead of telling everyone on an individual basis.

Lately I've been researching CJ, Linkshare, Performics and Shareasale, but since I'm going to be linking directly to products very frequently, it will be a pain to have to run every "deep link" through an affiliate link generator. Ideally, is there any way I can automatically convert the standard product links on my site into affiliate deep links to the product? For example, I'd like to send a user from my blog to www.tigerdirect.com/ipod/ipod_video.html, but still get credit for it. Is there any resource I could use to generate these links with my SID or affiliate ID already parsed into the link?

I'm sure there is a way to automate this process, and was wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction to find it. I have seen some online forums that do this, and would like to incorporate this into my own website.

Thanks in advance guys!

P.S: Very glad I could find this forum, it will be of great use to me and I hope to start contributing once my site is up and running!!