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    January 19th, 2005
    Addhandler is Back In Town....
    Hello..... long time no hear....

    I just got back from a huge trip... went to Los Angeles for a day.. then flew to Alaska and drove back down to the lower 48 with my Girlfriend..!!!

    First time making the drive with someone else besides my dog... it was good to have someone along that I could share the experience with...

    CANADA's Banff National Park and Jasper National Park are two of the most beautiful places in the world..!!!!!!! I have driven through there many times but never in SUMMER... usually it is all ice capped and stuff... but not this time.. it was beautiful and green and extremely hot!! A lot hotter than I expected for that far north... it was 80-90 degrees in most places... and clear blue skies the whole way!!!!

    After that we went through Yellowstone National Park and spent a day driving through looking at all the stuff... it wasn't even close to being as beautiful as Canada's Banff and Jasper parks.... I was extremely dissappointed in Yellowstone... way too TOURISTY... thousands of people driving around... stopping for every squirrel that crossed the road.. pitiful example of a PARK... NOT that it is not nice.. but it is all burned up... they stopped fighting wildfires in Yellowstone and now they just let them burn... and the park was mostly BLACK with burnt out trees and forest areas... they should at least keep the fires away from the roads.... sheesh...

    It took seven days to make the drive and it was very nice.. we had a great time and now I am glad to be back....!!!!!

    Is it just me or is this business not the best job on the planet...??
    Where else can you leave without notice stay for as long as you want and come back two months later with a bank account bigger than when you left...!!!!!!!!
    If that is not a perk I don't know what is.........!!!!!!!!!!

    So I come back to find out that Trust is now GREEN ... very cool...
    reminds me of the Kermit the Frog song... "It's Not Easy Being Green"...
    Congrats Trust!!!!!

    I also see that Chuck Hamrick is no longer with BackCountry... congrats on the move Chuck.. OH and Walt... keep up the GREAT work...!!!!!!!!

    It's Good To Be Back At Home And Back To Work....!!!!!!!!!

    You didn't even know I was gone huh... LOL....
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    I was wondering there you are! Welcome home!


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    January 18th, 2005
    We missed you... welcome back! Chuck is great, lots of changes since you've been gone.
    Deborah Carney

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    January 18th, 2005
    Was wondering where you were...lucky guy

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    Welcome back, was wondering where you were, then remember something about a trip. That's something I would love to do one day, a trip like that.

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    Nice to hear from you again AH and thanks for the kind words. It's good to have you back. I've got some answers for you so I'll hit you up with a call or email.
    John Walter
    wwalter at
    P 801-746-7580
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    We use the gear we sell.

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    It's good to be HOME AGAIN...!!!!!

    Trust.. you have to go then..!!!!! Forget about anything else and just get in the car and go...!!! Under $1600 for the entire drive.. and if you were only going thruogh Banff and Jasper it wouldn't be that much.. and we stayed in hotels the entire time.. (Usually when travelling alone I stay in my truck and save the $80 to $120 a night)

    But if anyone is looking for some drive to take THAT is the drive... through Banff and Jasper... every turn is a breathtaking view... and I lived in Alaska for 30 years and I have seen my share of views and mountain scenery.. but this drive had my jaw dropping more than once... AND.. it is not overrun with tourist AT ALL.. we hardly saw anyone else....

    If I was going to do it I would spend about a week or more in those parks just hiking around and driving slow stopping when I wanted... it is truely "God's Country".. and if you went in winter there are plenty of ski resorts to stop and shred..! (even less people in the winter)

    Wish I had pictures but my girlfriend has them on her camera.. I'll get some soon and post them... and the wildlife was every where.. Black bears, Buffalo, Elk, Deer, Wild Horses and Moose..

    Walt - Looking forward to those answers....... LOL.........!!!!!!!!

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    Los Angeles
    Welcome Home AH!

    You have plenty to catch up on and add your input to.

    Loving Everyone's Child Creates Magic

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    AddHandler. Glad you had a great trip! I live in Calgary,75 miles east of Banff. I have been going there for over 60 years. Did you get a chance to walk thru the Banff Springs Hotel? Hard to believe that that hotel was built by hand at the turn of the centuary. Did you catch the Calgary Stampede? We get lot of Japanese and Oriental visitors. It took quite a while after 9/11 to recover the tourist trade.

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    January 19th, 2005
    mailman.. nope we didn't do either of those things...
    We just stopped at every little turn out we could find....

    We are driving back through in September.. so we might catch that stuff on the way back...

    And now that I think of it we saw most of the wildlife before Banff and Jasper.. between Prince George and Jasper... that is a nice drive as well...

    The whole drive is worth seeing.... The Canadian Rockies are WAAAY bigger than the Colorado Rockies....

    Note one thing though... Canadians don't spend a lot of money on road markers...
    sometimes it would be 200 miles in between mile marker signs... one sign would say "Calgary 500 KM" and then the next sign would say... "Calgary 20 KM"... so it makes the drive seem a lot longer than it is... it was nice to get back in the US and see mile marker/distance signs every twenty miles or so... at least you know you are making progress... LOL...

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    Ah I absolutely love Banff & Jasper - I would love to own a summer home up in Jasper.
    "Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true"

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    AddHandler been jonzing for a phone call but it sounds like you weren't even home. Will call to catch up, Walt is living large at BC and I am at a new gig with Ancestry and my own programs.

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    AddHandler, ..just saw this thread. Great to see you back. Was wondering where you have been. That's my kinda trip you took.. and I agree about Yellowstone being to touristy. Those poor animals...


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    BC = "B"eautiful "C"ountry
    Sounds like a fantastic experience AH. I go to BC to a fly in lodge to fly fish every couple years and the country is breath-taking. I've never seen so many bald eagles, Grizzlies and Moose!! The little settlement near the lodge is called "Likely" BC, and a four river system that dissects the area provides some out of this world fly fishing opportunities for big - strong rainbow trout.

    As for wildlife - wow!! Sometimes too close for comfort. Five years ago, we were up the Mitchell river (one of the four rivers in the system) and mesmerized by the wilderness, beauty and trout, I got a little further from the boat than I should have. Suddenly a grizzly cub came out of the bushes 60' in front of me, followed quickly by his very protective mother. They were there to snag salmon that were up the river to spawn and I was obviously not a welcomed intruder.

    As I slowly sidestepped toward the guide's boat, talking calmy in the direction of the disturbed mom, - she entered the water and took a few steps my way, growling her displeasure. Never knew my heart could pump that fast without exploding (or IMPLODING)! She started to walk toward me and I must say I felt helpless. Thankfully the guide reached me when she was within 30' or so and fired a shotgun blast in her vicinity to scare her off. She and the cub turned and ran into the woods. It was both a frightening and beautiful scene at the same time.

    I love the BC area, and though my Colorado Rockies are breathtaking to me, I can understand well your appreciation for the much less populated Canadian Rockies. Your description of your drive has me day dreaming my Huck Finn dreams - so thanks for sharing the experience and welcome back.
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    Hi! Your pic is a bit scary.

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    January 19th, 2005
    best123 - my bark is worst than my bite... unless you hate being bitten... LOL....

    ALH AmeriTrustRX - Huck Fin -- LOL... yep the GREAT outdoors are called that for a reason... and the BC area is certainly one of the GREATEST.... Just don't walk around with raw meat in your pockets... oh wait a minute WE ARE -- MADE of RAW MEAT... Oh Well I'll Take My Chances.......

    Gary - Yea.. people where stopping for everything... there were probably 1,000 people or more at "Old Faithful" and it was HOT.... so that is all we waited to see... Steam coming out of the ground and it was over 100 degrees outside... LOL.. we had to wait for 45 minutes for the thing to go off... I asked the Park Ranger to go turn it on so we could get out of there... she didn't think that was funny... LOL...

    Also - Man I have been digging around in Avantlink and you guys have been busy with all the new merchants and the RSS Feeds and stuff... VERY COOL...! Keep It Up... and I will try my best to start sending you guys some HUGE sales...!

    Heidi - ME TOO.... TimeShare Maybe... LOL.....

    Chuck - Still waiting on the e-mail for all those programs... and I enjoyed our phone call yesterday... getting all caught up on the happenings....


    It's Good To Be Back And Working Again.........

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