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    Smile ClickInks Happy Week #1 - $15.00 Per Activation
    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    It is time for the additional fun to roll into this program, and all because we are on our...'s Happy Week #1

    More than likely, you already know that you are getting $10.00 GB's for putting up two of our links on your site [details here]. Being Geno I feel the duty of contributing to the fun of the "Geno Bucks" concept too, and I am throwing in $5.00 more bucks into the pot!

    So.... now for a limited time only you have a chance of getting 15.00 for just joining this program and loading its links to your site(s). A good selection of links with HTML-codes containing your affiliate ID will be included in your approval e-mail! What easier money have you seen, huh?! Hurry to join now......
    Important: To claim your big activation bonus, you must e-mail me the URLs of the pages where the links may be found. Please e-mail at ink (at) amnavigator .com

    Qualifying period expires: 1 August at 00:01 AM PST

    Payment terms: The $10.00 from ClickInks will be credited to your SaS account, while the $5.00 additional GB's will be PayPal-ed to you from me personally.

    Looking forward to your e-mails!


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    WOH HO! I think we need someone to pinch us and let us know when we're getting a bit too generous!

    Any offers?


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