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    AOL Declares Victory, Settles Porn-Spam Lawsuit...

    yeah, right! A victory for AOL and it's wallet, but not the people who really paid the price; their members!

    This wont deter spammers, unfortunately.

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    Well at least it places a value on the spam mailings sent out. At ten dollars per email address, I think spammers will think twice.

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    "it paid Web site managers to send the unsolicited advertising known as "spam" to AOL members."

    CEN (Cyber Entertainment Network)!

    So THAT'S what happened to 'em. Ha ha ha ha ha... <IMG src=> [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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    The girl behind the counter at our local gas station was just telling me her experience with AOL and spam. A spammer used her e-mail address/AOL name to send a ton of porn. She's getting pounded with e-mails (and phone calls) from angry parents about her sending out the porn. AOL eventually changed her address, but by then, the damages was done.

    Tom Pyles

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