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    Arrow List of retailers that allow deep linking
    Hi all,

    I was wondering if there is a resource where I can find a list of all the retailers a part of CJ that allow for deep linking to specific products. I was hoping this information was available to the public (or somebody has published this after researching the same thing) so that I don't have to go through each advertiser myself.

    Anyone know where I can find a resource like this?


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    I'm curious, where did you hear that there was a limitation to deep linking?
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    what are you talking about moneybusiness

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    Aren't there some retailers that simply don't have enough products to allow for "direct product linking" while getting referral credit for a clickthrough. And some retailers that do have the merchandise don't feel the need to give their affiliates the ability to use deep product linking.

    Also, if I'm wrong here--please just tell me if I am and correct my mistake. That would be most helpful.

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    Get Links ---> Search Advertisers ----> Click Additional Search Options--->
    Under Link Type select Product Catalog, hit Find

    That will bring up all the merchants with product links.

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