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    How to format the data to use as normal link
    I just sign up with GemDreamZ and try to get the product links but it directed me to the get data page. I am not familiar with using data generating on my site. Anyway since I cannot get the product links I download the data and open them with excel.

    This is what I see and try to do:

    454900338| Ruby & Diamond 18k White Gold Bracelet|10129|Gemdreamz co ltd||||3922.00|7844.00|Fashion|Jewelry|Womens 18k white Gold red Ruby & Diamond Bracelet|Bracelet|Ruby|White Gold|18K||2006-07-24 17:12:21.470|instock

    I try fixing the code but it does not work. Would appreciate if someone can help me to get it right.
    This is what I did to the data above:

    a href="" img src="" /a
    leaving this line out

    I did change the userid to my id.

    Note: I purposely left out the < so that it does not show as link.


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    Try this:

    Not sure you know what the alt tag is but in between the " and " you can put a description of it. and you can put width=" whatever" and height="whatever" in there too

    hope it works for you SAS people will probably look at this post to be sure.
    ooops umm it worked but I shouldn't have made it as a link. hmm since there's no affiliate info in there...I'm guessing it should be ok? Was only trying to help this person and not put an actual link in here for anything.
    Carolyn: help fast

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    For product links, try using the custom pagemaker. Works really great.


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