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    What is the set-up fee for a merchant
    What is the set-up fee for a merchant to set up a Linkshare account and what are the ongoing cost?

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    it all depends.

    ball park cost, about 2-7k as there is licensing fees involved

    monthly, there is an acct manager fee, about 2-3k

    it all depends

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    Pick up the phone ... 1 646 654 6000 Hello ... sales, please.
    Continued Success,

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    Great Advice Haiko
    Picking up the phone is a practice that seems to be fading as the internet grows. That is unfortunate. I still prefer face to face, or phone to phone in many relationships. It always seems to get more immediate / more effective results!

    The old school handshake and personal communication is still a valuable key to effective communication and future relationships.

    As for LS merchant setup "fees" it's my observation that merchant fees are not necessarily set in stone. But I have picked up the phone and spoken with them from time to time. One who picks up the phone and actually "talks" to a LS rep may find that there are options.

    Best To All
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