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    Ok, here is the thing. This is too new to me, and I have a lot of questions, I'm learning everyday in this wondeful site. But I need a lead, an index, an order to learn from this great place. I need an ABC, a for Dummies way to organize my progresive learning.
    So, I thought, okey, let's create a game where we all can learn and where people who knows more than me (everyone) can teach us on a fun way.

    The idea is, this one. Let's put yourself in this situation,...
    "You have a friend, who doesn't know anything about this really cool business oportunity that you know of, and because she or he knows computer basics, you have to explain her or him, in a really easy baby step by step on how she or he can start learning before she or he start doning it"

    You don't have to write an ebook right now (, just kiding), but an easy step by step index on "where" to start studing or researching and then starting.

    Of course we all have diferent techniques, and that's the point, I want to know "your point of view, your opinion, your technique"


    Let's go!

    And by the way THANKS YOU VERY MUCH !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haiko de Poel, Jr.

    Thank you very much,... I do have a lot to read now,...

    Thanks !!!

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